Behind the Sport

Claire Dugan (2).JPG
Photo by Madison Pierce

Claire Dugan gives insight on what it is like to manage the women’s soccer team

by Madison Pierce | Sports Editor

From picking up lost balls to doing the player’s laundry, freshman sports manager Claire Dugan keeps busy on and off the field.

Dugan went out for the management position for soccer because her cousin used to play soccer at Butler.

“My cousin mentioned [the scholarship] to me…she said it’s a good way to meet new people and something to fill up time,” Dugan says.

Dugan is one of four managers for the soccer team. Two managers would switch out every other week. There are three women and one man for soccer management. Haley Lard, a freshman as well, is one of the girls Dugan mostly manages with.

“I live on campus along with Haley while the other two don’t live on campus, so it is kind of harder for them to be there all the time,” Dugan says.

The managers for the soccer team have to wash the players’ uniforms, which takes about an hour and a half, set up the game days, travel with the team and pack the travel bag. When the players kick the balls out of the box they have set up, the managers would go get them balls at practice, also helping to pick up after practice, film games and take statistics.

“Before the games, it is fun and light,” Dugan says. “But we know we have to get things done.”

The managers will go to the field and roll out the ball cart with the flags, setting up the warm-up cones and getting the pinnies (a soccer warm up jersey) out. They set up the goals, and make sure they are in the right place and won’t move. After that the managers set up the corner flags, and then put out the balls and jerseys for scrimmage practice.

Dugan gets the Butler starters’ roster and the other team’s roster as well.

“Haley will hold on to the camera and pick up cones from the field,” says Dugan.

They wait for the team to get there, and then they grab the stats clipboard and game camera from the coaches.

“We both get any of the balls that roll away while the team is warming up, and right before the game starts we have to make sure everything is off the field and then set up to film and take statistics,” Dugan says.

The managers then also have to take down the field at the end of the game.

“My least favorite part is having to wake up early to go to practice at 7 a.m.,” Dugan says.

Dugan’s favorite part about being a manager is getting to hang out with the team.

“I’ve become really close with the soccer girls,” Dugan says.

Dugan eats with the soccer girls in the cafeteria. They have grown close to each other since soccer has started.

The scholarship covers books and tuition. In order to keep the scholarship the managers have to keep up their grades and go to class. They get grade checks from the teachers so the coaches know they are doing well in their classes.

Dugan became a manager to get more involved, to get to know more people, and help pay for college.

“I’ve learned a lot about soccer. Overall it’s just a good experience,” Dugan says.


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