Twins Everywhere

Double Take
Mia (left) and Mai (right) Degollado are one of the many sets of identical twins on the El Dorado campus. “We have reversed in our personalities. Mai is more talkative than shy and I am more shy than talkative,” Mia says.

Students speak about living with a twin while in college

by Madison Pierce | Sports Editor

When people are younger they tend to wish they had a twin to be able to constantly hang out with. As they grow up and mature they outgrow this phase. Here at Butler Community College in El Dorado, there are multiple sets of twins. For example, the student body includes fraternal twins Mai (Maya) and Mia (Me-huh) Degollado from Ulysses.

“We told ourselves that when we get to college we are going to do it different, as in not dressing the same as much,” Mia says. “We have two of everything in clothes.”

As some people ask, are twin close together? Do they do everything together?

One thing that makes Mai and Mia this different than other twins is their closeness to one another.

“We have the same friends and the same interests,” Mia says.

The Degollado twins played basketball together and both enjoy reading. If they start a TV show on Netflix together, they can’t watch it without one another.

“If we weren’t going to the same college I’d probably call her a lot,” Mia says. “We are not used to being separated. We’ve always been together. Since we always do everything together, it would just feel and be different. We are four hours away from home right now and we are homesick. If it was just me at Butler I would be even more homesick.”

An identical set of twins, Ahtziri and Neilany Roetzer, are from Dodge City.

Ahtziri goes to Butler Community College, while her twin, Neilany, goes to Washburn University.

“Other than our parents and a bathroom … we don’t share anything,” Ahtziri says. “We didn’t even share a room when we were younger.”

People tend to think that all twins are really close. Well actually no, they are not. Although Mia and Mai are close, that is not the case for Ahtziri and Neilany.

“I get along better with my older brother then my twin sister. But I can’t live without my sister. I’d do anything for her,” Ahtziri says.

Ahtziri and her twin went their separate ways in college.

“We speak daily. Not every minute of every day, but at least once or twice a day,” Ahtzizi says.

They didn’t necessarily want to go to college together. Growing up also means growing apart and wanting to get into different things.

“We wanted to separate. I didn’t want to go to college in the first place. I wanted to join the service,” Ahtziri says.

Ahtziri is going to join the Air Force after she gets done with her two years here at Butler Community College.


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