Let the Games Begin

Calling the Shots
Sophomores Austin McNorton, Jordan Griffitt and Charles Chaney call the football game against the Fort Scott Greyhounds. | photo by Allison Simon

Sports Media breaks down game day procedure

by Allison Simon | Assistant Editor

Live on the air, the Student Sports Media team, where they work quickly with speed to bring accurate and fast play-by-play to Butler radio station listeners.

Students start preparing for each broadcast

a week prior to the game, both in and outside of the classroom. Going into the game, the students work up to minutes before the start of the game.

“We look up statistics online, and look up other teams and how we played against them last year to determine how well we might play this year,” sophomore Austin McNorton says.

The Sports Media team travels to each game with students mostly volunteering to cover the game. Staff members are expected to be on site two hours before game time for football. In these two hours, they make their final preparations before broadcasting live.
They spend hours in a van on their way to the destination going over plays and scenarios that could happen throughout the game.

The group goes through the roster for both teams that day and practices pronouncing the name of each player until they have it completely memorized.

When they arrive to the game, they make their way up to the press box, set up the equipment, and call the engineer on duty back at Butler in the radio station to check the mics and make sure everything is up and running.

The crew then begins to practice saying their introductions and makes last minute changes. Once they have everything running smoothly, the team walks the field.

“Walking the field allows us to see the teams up close and sometimes speak to coaches and players,” sophomore Charles Chaney says. “We often learn of injuries and players absent by doing this. We also find ourselves able to find players and plays that we
may be unaware of by the opponent. This gives us insight for our broadcasts.”

Most students involved are on scholarship, but some take the class just because they are interested in the program.

“Those students usually move up to being on scholarship after working for a semester on the team,” Sports Media Adviser Michael Swan says.

The program offers more than just broadcasting football and basketball games.

“I like the variety between print, radio and photography,” sophomore Dominic Brown says. “It allows you to experience all aspects of journalism.”


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