The Art of Responsibly Sharing Information

Stephen Wolgast, Director of the Collegian Media Group at Kansas State University, presents information regarding free speech on March 30. The presentation was entitled “Fake News: Free Speech in Times of Crisis.” photo by Jaycie Wunder

Butler brings in an outside source to help differentiate between news and false information

by Jaycie Wunder

On March 30, light was shed on the issue of “fake news.”

Butler hosted a presentation by Stephen Wolgast, Director of the Collegian Media Group at Kansas State University, in the L.W. Nixon Library. The presentation is ‘Fake News: Free Speech in Times of Crisis.’

Wolgast gave attendees a look into how to do their own research and get to the bottom of sources used by news organizations. With information being spread at all times through technology, it has become a predominant issue that has caught a lot of attention in the past year. The issues of free speech and reporting responsibly as a citizen are important to properly inform peers.

Wolgast discusses how, with social media, everyone has the ability to become a journalist to some extent. News can be shared with one click and spread like wildfire. To determine  whether or not a source can be credible, Wolgast demonstrated how to locate sources within stories and utilize the Internet to simply go back to the original source or information.

Both staff and students were in attendance at the presentation. Some professors encouraged participation by offering extra credit to students who attended. Freshman Meghan Heywood was present for the event.

“It was very informative,” Heywood says. “It’s great that Butler offers opportunities like this to learn outside the classroom.”

It was encouraged to fact check information and backtrack on sources to ensure reliability, especially for deciding to click the share button and spreading false information to peers. Sharing responsibly would cut down on the amount of distorted, frivolous or downright dishonest information being circulated.


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