Out Here in Kansas

Jon Pic and Adam Knapp stand in front of the ‘Out Here in Kansas’ sign in the Welcome Center. The local documentary was shown at Butler in February.  photo by Nadine Armstrong

Local documentary shown at Butler

by Jaycie Wunder

Butler recently presented a locally created documentary discussing the seemingly strained relationship of the LGBTQIA community and some churches.

“’Out’ Here in Kansas” showed in the Hubbard Welcome Center on February 23.

Director Adam Knapp and producer Jon Pic were both present at the Butler premiere. Knapp has strong ties to Butler and the surrounding area.

He recalls growing up just 10 minutes from the college, attending football camps during his teenage years and taking college algebra through BCC. He covered Grizzly sporting events for The Wichita Eagle, and remembers staying up all night with them in Idaho after they won the national championship.

Knapp taught English for the college as an adjunct and worked with the athletic and marketing departments.

“Butler is part of my family,” he says.

Streaming “‘Out’ Here in Kansas” online is currently in the works and the goal is to have it shareable online sometime this year, according to Knapp. There is currently a teaser video up on their website, outhereinkansas.com.

Currently, the documentary is being shown on college campuses and is entered in multiple film festivals.

Knapp had many inspirations for creating the documentary.

“I really felt like God told me to do it and people may look at me like I’m nuts, but I strongly believe that,” he says.

The story of the documentary centers around Joe Wright, a pastor at Summit Church of Wichita, and Andover native, Burt Humburg.

The Butler Inclusion Council unanimously decided to present “‘Out” Here in Kansas” on Butler campuses.

“The Butler Inclusion Council has existed at Butler since 2013,” Crystal Aluko says. “We exist to advance ideas and make recommendations that foster inclusive work and educational experiences.”

The council meets once a month, and has aimed its focus this year on providing diversity trainings to staff on Institutional Development Days. Aluko says in an email that the Inclusion Council is working on getting student representation into the council. For now, the council contacts the Student Government Association for any feedback they would like on issues and events.

In April, the council will co-host, with the Black Student Association, a Butler Alumni Diversity Panel which will discuss six African-American women who lived on the Butler campus in the early ‘70s.


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