Don’t waste our future

TREEDonald  Rommelfanger shares details about Butler’s recyling habits

by Tatum Sturdivant

Imagine this: five trash dumpsters full of half eaten food, notes from last week’s math class and partially used notebooks are emptied five days a week, and occasionally on Saturday. The trash taken from these dumpsters is emptied into the landfill where the waste sits there, waiting to be burned.

While many do not think about how quickly their trash adds up, this is just in one week at Butler alone. Something people do not take into consideration is how easy it would be for them to recycle, which also helps save the planet.

“One thing humans are good at is creating waste,” says Donald Rommelfanger, Supervisor of Roads and Grounds. “If we can provide a way to reuse the products we use every day and keep those products out of the landfills, the better off our environment will be.”

Throughout campus there are strategically placed totes that can hold up to 200 pounds of paper each. There are also a few recycling stations for plastic bottles and aluminum cans, and three small dumpsters specifically for cardboard. On a weekly basis, facilities management picks up four to six totes, as well as disposing of three to four large trash bags from the recycling stations, while the city empties the dumpsters.

“Butler can do things to be better at recycling, but some of those things add cost to our daily expenses,” Rommelfanger says. “Most of the expenses now include persons to complete the weekly job of picking up and disposing of the waste, along with the equipment.”

Although money is an issue when trying to encourage recycling on campus, one way that Butler can

increase the amount of recycling that is done is by making sure to properly dispose of products.

“I feel very strongly about being good stewards to our planet,” Rommelfanger says. “If we could lower our waste to four dumpsters a day, or even three dumpsters a day, think how much we would keep out of our landfills.”


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