A personal Look into professor Monica Boknecht’s classroom

Professor Monica Boknecht

by Jaycie Wunder

When I prompted my Marriage and Family teacher in an email about what kind of animal she would be if she could choose, she replied a dragonfly. Who chooses dragonfly?

Of course my instructor, Monica Boknecht, admitted she was not sure if dragonfly really counted as an animal, but she also explained her reasoning behind her choice.

“I think that dragonflies are so intriguing because they start their lives under water and then eventually climb a reed and to breathe air and learn to fly,” Boknecht says. “I like the dual nature and the idea that we have to choose to breathe before we can take flight.”

I mean, come on, even I can find the beauty in that.

Boknecht has been teaching as an adjunct instructor at Butler since the 2015 fall semester.

She is a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist with a B.S. in Psychology and an M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy, both from Friends University.

Some advice she gives aspiring educators is to show patience to students who are going through a big transition.

“I think that at this level of education the expectations are obviously higher, but for some of the students this is literally their first experience away from home and that is a chaotic time for a person,” Boknecht says.

As an educator she finds that forming relationships with her students is an important part of her job and enjoys the moments when she can see her students get curious about topics discussed within her class.

I myself have found being a student of Boknecht has helped me increase my knowledge in a subject I honestly thought I knew a considerable amount about. I mean I was wrong, obviously, but I am sure that surprises no one as I am 20 years of age, never been married or had any children. With that said, the class has definitely helped me consider what I hope my future to look like within those milestones in my life.

Class is set up where varying points are discussed within the chapter, but the floor is always open for students to contribute and open up about their personal stories. Boknecht also shares her own narratives with the class to further reinforce the information students are learning through their textbooks. I have found this further interests me in the class setting and keeps me engaged during lectures.

Former Butler student, Meredith Olds, can still recall how she engaged in her Marriage and Family class.

“I enjoyed how she made the class fun and interesting. When she was teaching she made it like she was having a conversation with us instead of lecturing us. She made the classroom a comfortable place to be and was always looking for ways to help her students succeed in school and in life,” Olds says. “[Boknecht] is hands down one of the best teachers I had my two years at Butler.”


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