The inside scoop on Freddy

photo by Allison Simon

by Allison Simon

Frederick Simon: custard connoisseur.

Simon was born in California in 1925. He was one of nine children, and had four brothers and four sisters. Simon grew up on a farm where his family butchered their own beef for steakburgers. They also made their own frozen custard using a hand turned ice cream freezer.

Simon attended Wichita State University for accounting, and was a member of the WSU basketball team. He met his wife, Norma Jean Kerschen, in Kansas and married her at the St. Joseph Church in Andale. They were married Aug. 21, 1947 and will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary this year. Simon and his wife have five sons and one daughter.

Simon served in the infantry branch of the United States Army as a sergeant, and fought in World War II in the Philippines. He is generous with donations to support the military today.

Simon and two of his sons, Bill and Randy, began their restaurant career in 2002 when they opened Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers. They have opened over 246 restaurants in 30 states. Simon strives to attend every restaurant opening. Once he attended three openings in one day. He also makes surprise visits to his restaurants.

He has financially helped every city he has opened in by hiring construction crews as well as local people to work in his restaurants. He is a major supporter of veterans. He donated money to the Honor Flight to Washington, D.C. He has supported other organizations through fundraising events and challenges.


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