Students share thoughts on campus carry

Butler students share their thoughts on conceal and carry on campus becoming a reality in July:



“I like it. I think people should protect themselves. But there is also the possibility of people [using concealed carry] and shooting people up.” – Hunter Arrington, freshman




“I am not against it. I think it would be fine,codie
I do not really think that having a rule against it is going to stop someone from harming people with a gun.” – Codie Hays, sophomore





“I would be for it. If they have a conceal and carry they should have a license for it. That is not necessarily now in Kansas. I do not see why there would be a need for a gun on campus, though.” – Selina Nelson, sophomore





“My opinion about guns with the students is it is dangerous. Students will fight and pull guns. If someone gets shot and the police show up and say ‘oh it was a mistake,’ no one will care it was a mistake. I would say if a student does not have a gun it is better than if he does. It is a safe place here where campus police will take care of us.” – Mohammed Alsalem, sophomore




“I am very against it. I do not think it makes anyone safer. I do not feel threatened on campus right now, but come July I will feel threatened. I do not walk around campus wishing that everyone had guns to protect themselves.” – Lauren Waymire, sophomore





“I do not know. I do not think it is safe because
someone might get in a fight or argument. If they get mad enough they might want to pull it out. I feel like it is unsafe, and only police should have it.” – Quentintavous Bowen, freshman


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