Scholarships on campus

Students give insight into the challenges and perks of their scholarships

compiled by Max McGlaun

1. How much time do you typically put into your scholarship on a weekly basis?
2. What is your favorite part of your scholarship?
3. What is the hardest part, or some downsides of the scholarship?

Vocal Accapella | Caulin Smith – freshman

Caulin Smith, right

1. Including our class time, I would say about six hours for just rehearsing the music, and for performances on show weeks we probably put in around 15 that week.

2. My favorite part about my scholarship is the fact that I get to do what I’ve enjoyed doing my whole life, but I basically get paid for it. I like that.

3. The hardest part is, I have never not liked something involving my scholarship. Everything’s just dandy; it is good.

Box Office | Nikki Kraft – sophomore

img_48401. I work Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 1-3 p.m. I just sell tickets and then on performance nights we have to come to the box office and we have to also sell tickets and we help usher, and we have to watch at least one performance. We choose our own days to come and work.

2. I actually really enjoy watching theatre performances, and just being a part of it. Working for the box office seems to help me enjoy it more.

3. Today I worked by myself and we had a huge line and the phones ringing off the hook, so it’s kind of having to balance both of them. It’s kind of hard hearing the people over the phone, especially when there’s a big long crowd. That’s probably one of the only downfalls it has.

Radio and TV | Andrew Lillard – freshman

img_49381. I’m required to take many mass communication classes. On a typical week I probably put in a good 10-15 hours of work outside of class. I put in two hours a week for my radio show. Outside of that I put in another 10 hours filming, editing, storyboarding and writing scripts.

2. My favorite part about the scholarship is honestly just the people. There’s a lot of radio and television scholarship students out there, and we all help each other out on videos, we all collaborate and it makes a fun work environment. Outside of the people though, just getting the experience of having deadlines, and trying to meet them. Not meeting [deadlines] and getting repercussions for it. It’s good work experience, and I think it’s helping me get ready for my field.

3. The deadlines are kind of hard to keep up with sometimes, especially with all the mass communication classes that I’m taking, and just not letting it consume me as a whole.

Cheer/Yell Leader | Christopher Lyon – freshman

Christopher Lyon, left

1. We put in six hours of practice a week, plus the games which is I don’t know how many hours. We pick up girls, we hold girls and we run the stunts. We’re basically the base of them all. We do[cheer] basketball and football, and the number of games a week varies.

2. [The] scholarship is pretty good, but the people are nice too. They’re good to be around and to just have someone to talk to.

3. Injuries. Back problems, knee aches, sore feet from standing so long.

Resident Assistant | Gillan Stuart – sophomore

ra1. On a weekly basis, I put in about four to five hours. Then the girls and I usually just hang out.

2. My favorite part about my scholarship is getting to know the girls and planning events for everybody to go to.

3. Downsides to my scholarship probably would be some of the situations you have to get into. With being an RA you never know what situations you could be in. There’s a variety of things and people with different attitudes.


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