Mute the monotony in your life

Jaycie Wunder

opinion by Jaycie Wunder

My face is distorted, the wind is whipping in my ears and my instructor is strapped to my back.

He pulls the chute and, thankfully, it releases allowing me to relax and enjoy my ride back to the ground.

This is a quick excerpt of me skydiving. Well, it is what I imagine skydiving would consist of considering I have never gone. Skydiving is number 14 on my bucket list, right behind visiting Greece and hanging out on nude beach (participant not spectator). I wonder if I could do both and kill two birds with one stone?

Having a bucket list is standard if you’re human. Even if you don’t have a bucket list written out, there is an escalated chance you have an idea of some things you would like to do before you “kick the bucket.”

Setting goals for ourselves is awesome, and reaching those goals even better. We are raised from the womb to have set plans for an education and career for ourselves. It is important we strive to better ourselves through these objectives, but it is also important to remember not to lose ourselves.

When we’re old grannies or grampies, the grandchildren aren’t going to be interested in that time we stayed up late to finish our research papers, get a B- and pass the class to obtain the career we are now retired from. They want to hear stories of how ol’ gran or gramps backpacked Europe, got lost, ran out of money and became members of the Russian Circus for a hot minute.

Okay, stick with me, a bucket list doesn’t have to be complicated, extravagant or well thought out. It should be wholeheartedly yours, though. The goals can consist of making new friends, having a family or being happy. A bucket list doesn’t have to be conventional. It should reflect how you want to grow as an individual, spiritually and mentally. I strongly encourage you to immerse yourself in life, and I believe a “bucket list” may help you succeed in doing so.


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