Expectations vs reality

Freshmen compare their expectations of college to their experiences thus far

by Allison Simon

In high school, many students think of college as a time of nightly parties, meeting new people and having carefree fun. They see it as a place to express themselves more freely, experience living on their own, making their own decisions and creating new friends instantly.

“At first it was hard to make friends because you do not know anyone starting out,” sophomore Dane Rausch says. “But once you get to know people, you have a great group of friends.”

While this is what some think in high school, college can also be intimidating. Students are on their own for the first time, with no one to cook dinner, make sure they go to class, do homework and keep their laundry nice, neat and clean.

“College is different than high school because it is totally up to you whether you pass or fail,” freshman Morgan Jamis says. “[Since] college is not required, nobody forces you to be here; you have to want to succeed.”

While college is a new experience for everyone, each student can take something different away.

“In college we get a lot more free time and freedom to do anything we want compared to high school. I stay on top of my homework and manage my time better now that I’m in college,” freshman Keith Timmons says.

For some, college teaches patience, while others continue to grow in their maturity.

“Going to college has made me more reasonable, respectful and more mature,” freshman AJ Razo says.

Another aspect that can be challenging is that close friends from high school are often separated.

“Staying in touch with friends is probably the hardest thing about college since everyone goes to different places and are not five minutes away,” Jamis says. “Breaks from school are usually spent with friends from different colleges.”

graphic by Allanah Taylor 

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