Editorial: conceal & carry on campus

screen-shot-2017-02-21-at-6-24-52-pmStaff vote: 6-0

As of now, Butler Community College campuses feel like safe environments. But will this still be the case if concealed carry on campus becomes a reality, or will it be a trial and error? We don’t think we want to find out.

Beginning on July 1, 2017, applicable students will be able to practice concealed carry on Butler campuses, buildings included.

While having a gun in class might make the carrier feel more comfortable, those sitting nearby might not share the same sentiments. Adding guns to an argument could easily go awry, and involving them in high risk situations could lead to dangerous confusion. To continue, concealed carry on campus could lead to guns seeping into dorm rooms.

What is the need for students to carry guns on campus anyway? There are a number of campus security officers. If increased security measures are needed,it seems that the trained professionals should become more involved. If the need is not security related, there probably is not really a need at all.

On behalf of The Grizzly and other students and faculty members sharing the same concern, we ask that Butler please approach this new measure with caution and safety.


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