A look at the library

The L.W. Nixon Library offers opportunities for students to thrive

by Jaycie Wunder

Walking into the library on a mission to complete this story, a lady begins offering free pancakes, and there is no refusing free pancakes.

The L.W. Nixon Library on the Butler’s El Dorado campus continuously offers students an open and friendly atmosphere to relax, study and have a coffee. Free pancakes during finals week is an example of the library striving to connect with students and provide them with a pleasant experience when the rest of campus may be bearing down stress on students throughout the semester.

The library has offered various activities over this past school year.

The Butler Choir and the individualized groups held a preview to their Christmas show inside of library on Dec. 2. Refreshments were offered and the audience was invited to join the choir and stand up to sing the Hallelujah Chorus, the final song in the performance.

The Butler Choir previews its Christmas show at the L.W. Nixon Library at the BOE campus. photo by Jaycie Wunder 


“I was very pleased to be able to be a part of this event through the library. The music was fantastic as always,” sophomore library assistant, Rylee Jellison says.

A fun evening on International Game Night included board games and video games for students to enjoy with friends. About a dozen students attended, according to Micaela Ayers, Director of Library and Archives.

“The concept of the main floor is a living room,” Ayers says.

She explains that the idea of the library is to be a place to talk comfortably and quietly with friends, and to study while respecting the area just like one would in their own living area.

Talk About Kansas Literature or TALK is a book club that meets at the L.W. Nixon Library about three times per semester. A book is chosen and then brought to the library on loan for all book club members to maintain and read during the time the club would be discussing it.

The library also attempts to present a speaker once a year.

Ayers says students can start their own book clubs if they would like. Groups are free to meet just like study groups meet regularly.

Students may also introduce special activities for the libraries, such as game night, to the staff. According to Ayers, the staff would love to hear suggestions. The staff is open to new ideas for fun events but would have to take into consideration students utilizing the library for study purposes.

Times would need to be scheduled around the times of students’ needs.

If a student is ever in the library and feels there is too much commotion, there is a quiet study area has been put in place off the main floor of the library.

The room has been created for students who have difficulty with distractions while studying. The area has computers to use and is located inside a small room on the west side of the library.

A compilation station has been added to the library where students can project devices as a group on a television screen. The area is also on the outer edge of the library and would be beneficial for groups looking for a quieter space to work together.

The Library Latte is a coffee bar located inside of the library entrance. It offers drinks and snacks for students to purchase.

Ayers discusses how the Library Latte is not profitable for the library and is a service for the students and costs cover food prices. Library Latte is a program for the student workers. A job at the cafe can be beneficial for the student workers in gaining service experience skills for future jobs.

In the spring 2017 semester, the 8th annual DEWEY award is given out by Butler. The competition is student nominated and ultimately one teacher is chosen for the award. Their picture will be put on the library wall for years to come, and on a bookmark for the year they win. The instructor who wins is the nominated teacher the library staff feels best met the competition criteria.

The L.W. Nixon Library is located on the El Dorado Campus in the 600 building. Hours are Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. if they would like. Groups are free to meet just like study groups meet regularly.



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