Show love this Valentine’s Day

opinion by Tatum Sturdivant

Every year as a kid the biggest part of Valentine’s Day was making sure that whoever my crush was at the time got the biggest, sweetest Hannah Montana, High School Musical or Cheetah Girl valentine while my “enemies” got the boring leftovers. Then, I would sit at my desk waiting to see my crush’s reaction to my sweet valentine, wondering if they felt the same way I did. One year I even put three of the large valentines in my crush’s valentine box just because I “had extra.”

It was not until high school that Valentine’s Day became more than just a day to tell your besties how much you love them. We no longer bought each other stuffed animals and wrote sweet notes. We no longer posted cute pictures of our friends, but our significant others became our main focus.

That was when Valentine’s Day became one of my least favorite days of the year. I never had anyone to spoil, nor did I have anyone to spoil me. No one to tell me a bunch of sweet lovey-dovey crap that couples say. No one to buy me candy, or a stuffed animal – not even my parents. Occasionally, someone would buy me one of the copy paper valentines that our journalism department sold for a dollar saying, “I’d love you even if you were so ugly that everyone died” and had a picture of Patrick from SpongeBob.

I decided right then and there my sophomore year of high school that rather than throwing a pity party for myself every year, I would have a me day, and still show the ones I love how much I care about them. So, this year do not sit in your room, cry about being alone and eat a tub of ice cream covered in chocolate syrup with a pound of chocolate chips poured on top. Have a me day and express your love for those around you.


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