New year, new ladies

by Nadine Armstrong

For the first year, the Butler Ladies are under the direction of Tyler Koepp.

This year is the first year that Koepp is teaching at Butler. He is originally from Nebraska and used to sing opera. However, Koepp isn’t the only new addition to teaching the Butler Ladies. Maddie Robinson is their new choreographer.

“Last year was a good year, but this year we are focused on more than just singing,” sophomore Claudia Esparza says. “[Maddie Robinson], she is fantastic.”

Not all the women have dance backgrounds so having a choreographer is different for some.

“The sophomores are stepping up and being leaders and taking it seriously. Not only in Butler Ladies but the rest of the choir program as well.” Esparza says.

Esparza says her favorite part of the Butler Ladies is “being close with the ladies. We have big and little sisters. We are getting close as a group and have a genuine feel.”

This year, the Butler Ladies will be doing some middle and high school tours in the Wichita area, but dates are to be determined.

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