A night of laughs

by Nadine Armstrong

The Theater Department began the school year with a play under the direction of professor Sam Sparks, and recently put a spin on William Shakespeare’s classic play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The showings took place from Sept. 29 – Oct. 1. The fairies did not look like the typical fairies in other versions of the show, giving this play its own unique twist. The audience didn’t have to understand Shakespearean to have a laugh and enjoy the show.

The show is set in the forest of Athens near Fairyland around the time of Theseus, played by Clay Voisin, and Hippolyta, played by Miranda Kimble, on their wedding day. A lover’s quarrel unfolds between Hermia, played by Allison Pieschl, Lysander, played by Davyd Ledgerwood, Demetrius, played by Jose Cruz, and Helena, played by Abigail Staats.

The fairy king, Oberon, played by Chandler Moore, and queen Titania, played by Madisyn Coats, have a slight disagreement. Oberon sends his servant, Robin Goodfellow, played by Matthew Heideman, to retrieve a flower that was hit by Cupid’s arrow. Oberon tells Robin to use the flower on one of the young lovers, but he puts it on the wrong person, making the audience laugh.

“Sparks had a vision of what he wanted. I just went with it,” sophomore Chelsey Harber says about the costumes.

The costumes were a favorite for Coats.

“Especially for the fairies and for my character, Titania,” she says.

Titania’s dress was an old prom dress of Harber’s that she spray painted. The fairies also had spray painted clothing. The fairies had hair that was teased and messy, and their makeup made them look like they were dirty.

“I’ve never done a Shakespeare show before. It was hard to learn the language,” says Seth Knowles who played Nick Bottom.

Being in plays takes time and creates close friendships.

“There were a lot of late nights so when it went well we would go get burgers at the nearest 24-hour joint,” Knowles says.

Being in shows are fun and creates memories you will never forget.

“It was a lot of fun. It was different, I never did a Shakespeare show before. I alway like the opportunity to work with Sparks. Working on the show was very memorable,” Coats says.


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