A visit to Walter’s Pumpkin Patch

by Allison Simon

One seed brought big opportunities for the Walter family.

Becky Walter, co-owner of Walter’s Pumpkin Patch, started out as a “city girl.” She then married Carroll Walter, a “simple” farmer. To fit in on the farm she started growing and selling pumpkins. The Walters got the idea to open a pumpkin patch after they had a few teachers ask if they could bring their students to see the pumpkin field.

When one first pulls into Walter’s Pumpkin Patch, they are greeted by a huge welcome sign.. After getting out of the car and taking in the scenery, which consists of different things for families and children to play on and participate in, you can’t help the a big smile that comes to your face when thinking of all the fun to be had. There are many activities for college students to do, such as “the Haunted Cannery” and the “Flashlight Maze” which are on Friday and Saturday nights.

Walter’s Pumpkin Patch sees over 30,000 families in its seven week season, who come to hop on a wagon which takes them to the field where they pick their own pumpkins.
When visiting the pumpkin patch, keep an eye out for Becky Walter. She can be caught walking around or sitting down with her camera taking pictures of people enjoying their time at her pumpkin patch. When leaving with the pumpkin you picked yourself at the end of the day stop by Walter’s unique gift shop where most of the items are homegrown and handmade right there on the farm.


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