Let the road rage begin

by Tatum Sturdivant 

Waking up in the morning is hard enough for some students, and making it to class on time can be one of the world’s hardest challenges. To top everything off, having to leave your house early enough to drive across town, dealing with road construction on Kellogg, and make sure you are not stopped for five minutes while someone attempts to turn left even though the signs clearly state “no left turns” is nearly an impossible task for anybody.

The city of Andover has recently partnered with Westar Energy to bury power lines on both sides of Andover Road going from US-54 down to 13th Street. Due to the construction on both sides of the road, traffic has been limited to two lanes only, and left turns have been prohibited in certain intersections.

“Making a left turn [in approved areas] is really dangerous,” freshman Shelbi Jo says. “Things just need to be fixed.”

With the school year just beginning, Butler Community College having three Andover campuses located on Andover Road, one on 21st, one on 13th and one in Andover High School, and the construction taking place at the same time, students have been slowed on their way to class.

“Andover is not a big town and that much construction on Andover Road can be bothersome to those getting to class, going to work, or people who have just had a rough day and want to go home,” sophomore Clark Tolleson says.

Although it is a struggle for some students to make it to class through the dreaded construction, other students have found a way to get around the construction and get to class in no time.

“[Living in Maize], I just hop on K-96 and use that all the way there [to avoid the construction],” freshman Drew Darr says.  

In order to try to increase speed of the construction, Westar Energy has placed additional crews to work on the project going from Kellogg north in attempt to get all of the construction completely finished during this fall.


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